Derek's custom leather guitar straps were made of 100% cowhide leather. They were handmade and cut by Joe, an old Amish leather man, who has become his friend. He works with heart and a tremendous desire for accuracy.

Each strap’s length was adjustable from an average of 45″ to 59″, making them flexible enough to be used on a variety of instruments, including acoustics, electrics, banjos, tenor guitars,  and numerous other string instruments. Typically, the straps range in thickness from 1/8′ to 3/16′ thick. This makes for a solid lifelong musical carrying companion.

Each strap was designed and hand-etched to create a one of a kind guitar strap that can be shown off to friends, used for the musician’s next gig or even passed on to their children. They make great gifts, collector items, and especially conversation pieces. You won’t ever see another strap just like that strap because each one was cut, designed, and etched by hand.