Speaking Engagements

Derek has spoken to churches, in retreats, to small businesses, and in homes for more than 10 years. His ability to connect to his audience and to offer practical solutions is invaluable.

He is extremely passionate about helping individuals to find deeper purpose and unrelenting principles to guide their relationships at home, in the marriage, with their children, at work, and in the community. He works to identify the road blocks limiting their development and progress, all while devising plans to overcome them. 

Because of his deep commitment to personal growth, Derek is driven to encourage healthy and successful marriages, teams, businesses and organizations. His ability to navigate through problems, to locate the roots of those problems, and to then identify key steps to build stronger communication, leadership, and cohesion as a group are all important indications of his desire to see the success of the individuals these groups represent.

To talk with Derek about speaking for or helping your organization, contact him.

Derek is keenly aware of issues that hold people back. He effectively assists people in identifying their roadblocks and suggesting easy and practical steps to change problem habits and behavior. His presentation style fosters achievement by laying out the truth and allowing his audience to “discover” the truth on their own.
— Tim Giles, City Attorney in CA

Businesses and Organizations

Derek has collaborated with small businesses and organizations across the country to bring better strategies and practical steps to make their marketing plans and management teams work more effectively. His broad experience and common-sense approach to communication gives him the ability to work with your team to challenge and bring common-sense direction to their approach, to one another, and to the market. He is able to offer realistic ideas that will bring your plans to life!

To bring Derek in to collaborate, challenge, or to help with specific areas of need with communication, marketing, and leadership, contact him.

Whether it has been publicly instructing a church; negotiating the crucial elements of relationships; or personally consulting me in my business ventures, Derek Guyer’s “out of the box” creative genius has proven to be effective and valuable time.
— Daniel DeGarmo, owner DeWard Publishing Company, Ltc.