Derek, and his team of craftsmen and artists, love to create! They are constantly working to preserve Kentucky’s rich history, to capture and embolden deeper character in the world around them, and to freely create as a team in ways that would allow inspire more artistry and craftsmanship in the world around them.

After moving to Kentucky in 2011, Derek immediately realized an abundance of materials was at his disposal. He continually came into barns, piles of wood, old windows and doors, pallets, and other aged and weathered materials. He became motivated to accent the character he was finding through his own ideas. He found so much joy in taking these diminishing materials and in crafting them. His custom wood work sits in restaurants, businesses, living rooms, and kitchens all over the world.

Over the years, he’s been fortunate to have some amazing men and women join his team! He’s become surrounded by a wealth of experience, talent, and heart. He’s found tremendous honor and energy in his opportunity to work with so many great craftsmen!

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You see some of the team’s work on the Kentucky Reclaimed Facebook page. You can also see some of their custom work in the companies online Etsy store, Kentucky Reclaimed, and purchase some of the work there!

They recently opened the doors to the Kentucky Woven Label Factory, which they have now converted into a museum, and they are adding historical content, and pieces of their artistry, to it on a regular basis. If you’re in the area, you should stop in and check out the amazing history contained in those walls!